Eliide 0.6 Amp TC-38 Micro USB Mobile Phone Charger

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In Sales Package : 1 Micro USB Travel Charger
Model Number : TC 38
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The Eliide TC-38 0.6A Micro USB Mobile Charger is specifically designed for Basic Mobile Handset. it is best in class and one of the best chargers available in the market. It’s been designed to withstand rough use, drops, voltage fluctuations and extreme temperatures. Eliide provide you this masterpiece at the lowest online price in india.
Up to 2X Faster Charging

 The 0.6A Micro USB Travel Charger gives the maximum output and save on charging time. Less time plugged in for charging means more time with your device on the go.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection

 The 0.6A Travel Charger has been built to withstand intermittent voltage fluctuations and current overloads to thereby prevent possible damage to the connected device.

12 Months Warranty
The Eliide Mobile chargers are built not only to charge your devices but also to outlive them. However in the unlikely event of any manufacturing defect these chargers offer you best-in-class warranty for 12 months.
Eliide 0.6 Amp TC-38 Micro USB Mobile Charger – Buy Eliide Mobile Chargers Online at Best Prices in India – Shop Online at Wholesale Prices – Lowest Online Price in India.

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