Eliide 2.0 Amp TC-23 Mobile Charger with Fix Micro USB Cable


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  • Charges the widest range of devices
  • Ultra-compact
  • Compatible with Indian Plugs
  • 10 Watt/2.0 Amp
  • Universal powered USB port
  • 6 Months Customer Warranty
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The Eliide TC-23 2A Mobile Charger gives you the power to do more with your time. Its fast charging core and Hi-speed cable together reduce charging times by up to half when compared to a standard 1A charger. It’s been designed to withstand rough use, drops, voltage fluctuations and extreme temperatures.

Up to 2X Faster Charging

With the 2A Mobile Charger, you can reduce the charging times by up to half when compared to a 1A charger. The 2A Mobile Charger comes with a compatible 2A Hi-speed Micro USB Cable to ensure that you get the maximum output and save on charging time. Less time plugged in for charging means more time with your device on the go.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection

You don’t have to worry the next time you face voltage fluctuations. The 2A Mobile Charger has been built to withstand intermittent voltage fluctuations and current overloads to thereby prevent possible damage to the connected device.

6 Months Warranty
The Eliide Mobile chargers are built not only to charge your devices but also to outlive them. However in the unlikely event of any manufacturing defect these chargers offer you best-in-class warranty for 6 months.
Brand : Eliide
Sales Package : 1 USB Charger
Model Number : TC-23
Output Interface : Micro USB
Designed For : Mobiles, Powerbanks, Tablets
Number Of Charger Pins : 1
Cable Length : 1 m
Weight : 40 g
Power Features
Power Input : 100-240 V ~50/60 Hz, 0.3A
Output Current : 5.0V DC, 2.0A
6 Months Customer Warranty

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