Eliide DC-36 15 AWG Type C USB Cable for Powerbank

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In Sales Package : 1 Data cable
Model Number : DC-36
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The Eliide Cables gives you the power to do more with your time. Its fast charging conductor and core together reduce charging times by up to half when compared to a standard cable . It’s been designed to withstand rough use, drops, voltage fluctuations and extreme temperatures and comes with a Eliide Quality Assurance that assures quality, durability, and reliability.

Up to 2X Faster Charging

With the 15 AWG USB Fast Charging cable, you can reduce the charging times by up to half when compared to other cables. The DC-35 cable comes with a 15 AWG high Quality copper to ensure that you get the maximum output and save on charging time. Less time plugged in for charging means more time with your device on the go.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection

You don’t have to worry the next time you face voltage fluctuations. Eliide Cables has been built to withstand intermittent voltage fluctuations and current overloads to thereby prevent possible damage to the connected device.

Small Connector Works with Most Cases

Measuring 0.39 inches in diameter and 0.22 inches in height, the narrow Lightning Adapter is small enough to fit most cases but strong enough to withstand repeated unplugging and storage. We test the cable to 4,000 bends.

Copper Wire

High-quality copper wire maximizes signal quality and increases durability.


High-resistance insulation protects each set of wires.

Sales Package : 1 Powerbank Cable
Model Number : DC-36
Output Interface : Type C
Designed For : Andriod
Cable Length : 0.25mm
Cable Speed : 240 Mbps
Conductor : 15 AWG
Core : Copper
Weight : 10 g
Transmission Features
Output Current Rating: 2.4 A
6 Months Limited Domestic Warranty

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